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Taproom & Brewery

We’ve got more space than ever, and we are making the most of it! As always you can have a beer in the taproom, but also, when the mood strikes (or one of our many events is in full-swing) we’ve got a whole set-up in the brewery for all the extra humans. It’s kinda magical back there, so we are finding every opportunity to show it off. Keep scrolling to learn about all the fun we’re having!

Patio & Taproom

The TAPROOM & PATIO are OPEN! If you want to stay indoors, buy all means, but in our humble opinion, we’ve got one of the best patios in Hamilton. Okay, maybe that’s not so humble. We’ll just have to let you be the judge.

Thinking about bringing your furry friend? Please check out our DOG RULES, before planning your visit.

Fairweather Taproom

Food on the patio!

All summer long, we’ll be adding to the Fairweather experience with the help of some of our favourite local food purveyors. Check out the upcoming vendor list below!

Coming Up:

Thur. Sep. 7 — Flora Pizza

Pitchers on Tuesday

$20-$30 each

Every Tuesday, we’ll be selling 60oz pitchers of Cheap Seats for $20, and the others for $25-$30. That’s $4, $5, or $6 beers, depending on the flavour.

Doesn’t this deal just make you want to be a hot mess again?!

See ya Tuesday!

Beer To-Go

Our bottle shop is open for shoppin’ via our takeout window on the Ewen Road side of the building. Or, you can come on inside and shop like the good ol’ days. No need to pre-order!

Our beers are available in 473mL cans, 946mL meowlers and 1.9L growlers. Check the Beer page or give us a call for more specific availability.

Canned beer to go
Draught beer to go
Bring your pup to the patio!

Dogs are no longer permitted indoors. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Dog Rules

Bringing your pup? Please read on.

Here are a few house rules to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable.

PUPS ARE NOT PERMITTED INDOORS  But, our patio is dog friendly!

PAWS ON THE FLOOR — Please don’t allow your furry friends on chairs, tables, blankets or other humans.

NO DRINKIN’ — Please don’t allow your dogs to drink from glassware. Come prepared with a portable dish — we’d be happy to fill it for you.

1-FOOT LEAD — Please keep your dog secured and close to you at all times. Be conscious of other guests and staff; long leashes are a tripping hazard.

3 BARKS & YOU’RE OUT — It’s like doggie baseball, but quieter. Same goes for humans.

RE-FIRE HYDRANTS — Please be conscious of your dog’s bathroom needs.

NO FIGHTING, NO BITING — We have a zero-tolerance policy on aggression toward people or other dogs. This goes for humans as well.


Are we open, you ask?

We are open 7 days a week, but the specifics are unique per day. Head on over to Google for our most up-to-date hours!