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Work at Fairweather

Fairweather is a pretty special place – maybe it’s because of the beer, but we’re fairly certain it has something to do with our amazing team.

If you’d like to join us, take a gander at our current employment opportunities, to see if you’d be a good fit. We look forward to meeting you!

At Fairweather, we value different perspectives and experiences, and see diversity within our team as an asset. We want to encourage any person who feels like they have the qualities to apply. Fairweather is a welcoming space and team for EVERYONE.

Current Gigs

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Kitchen Artists


Are you making delicious food and need a delicious place to sell it? Look no further — You can set up camp with us this summer! Park your food truck, and start cooking.

Send your resume and menu to let’s chat about it!

Even when we are not actively hiring, we are always looking for good humans to join the team. 

Good humans can apply in person at 5 Ofield Road, Hamilton, Ontario or by email –