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Bottle Shop Pop-ups

In an effort to eliminate all of your excuses, we’re teaming up with great bottle shops across Ontario to bring you the full lineup. You’ll be totally helpless in the face of such convenience. Read on to see what we have in mind for the next little while.

Find a shop near you

Want to get out of the house? Visit one of the many bottle shops popping up across Ontario – there are so many of them these days, there’s gotta be at least one close to home. Check out this ever-growing list!


*Inventory at select bottle shops varies. Hit up your local bottle shop directly regarding availability.



      Although this list grows each day, almost supernaturally, if you want to see more Fairweather at your local, bug the manager until they relent; the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

      You can also learn more about getting Fairweather right to your door here.

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