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Our Beers

High Grade | 6.2% 

IPA brewed with barley, oats & a fat bag of Simcoe, Idaho 7, Citra & Mosaic.
Profile: Mango, pineapple, nectarine, peach.

Donna | 5.2% 

Pilsner-style lager, brewed with brewed with elegant European hops & divine patience.
Profile: Spicy noble hops, bread crust, floral.

Melange | 8

Full bodied imperial IPA, heavily dry-hopped with aromatic varietals, and medium bitterness.
Profile: Apricot, melon, lemon, sorbet.

Trilly | 5.6%

Pale ale brewed with whole-cone Cascade hops.
Profile: Grapefruit flesh, pineapple sage, spring flowers.

Cheap Seats | 4.2%

Little guy crusher ale, touched with Simcoe & El Dorado.
Profile: Melon, apricot, jelly beans.

Infinite Growth | 4.2%

A crushable light lager, dry-hopped with Ontario Cascade. Brewed in collaboration with Backroads Brews & Shoes.
Profile: Lemon zest, cut grass, peonies.


Dream Pop | 6.1% 

American-style sour ale with a tropical, citrus hop bouquet.
Profile: Lemon, lime, fuzzy peach, cranberry.

Dreamsicle | 6.1% 

Dry-hopped sour with orange, vanilla & fresh citrus zest.
Profile: Orange, vainlla, creamsicles.

Be Nimble | 5.1% 

Sour beer with pink guava, lactose, vanilla & fresh grapefruit zest.
Profile: Topical milkshake, first day of vacation, fresh citrus.

Česká | 5.2% 

Copper lager, inspired by the beautiful beers of Česká Republika. 
Profile: Houska, cut grass, white pepper.


Natty Myst | 6.1%

IPA inspired by west coast beaches, conditioned on fresh lemon zest & red cedar.
Profile: Vanilla, citrus, cedar.

Anything Goes | 8%

A wild DIPA, aged in French oak & stainless. Dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin.
Profile: Gooseberry, wine gums, lychee.

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