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Our Beers

All prices listed below are intended for licensee customers. Pricing is subject to change, but you already know that.

High Grade | 6.2% | FULLTIME

IPA brewed with barley, oats & a fat bag of Simcoe, Idaho 7, Citra & Mosaic.
Profile: Mango, pineapple, nectarine, peach.

473ml can | $3.50

30L keg | $165

Dream Pop | 6.1%

American-style sour ale with a tropical, citrus hop bouquet.
Profile: Lemon, lime, fuzzy peach, cranberry.

473ml can | $3.67

30L keg | $175

Donna | 5.2% | FULLTIME

Pilsner-style lager, brewed with elegant European hops & divine patience.
Profile: Spicy noble hops, bread crust, floral.

473ml can | $2.89

30L keg | $155

Light Work | 4.1%

Pale session beer, dry-hopped with Citra like it ain’t nothin’.
Profile: Lime, chronic, peach fuzz.

473ml can | $3.32

30L keg | $160

Small Hours | 5.6%

Sour stout brewed with English chocolate malts, Montmorency cherries & vanilla.
Profile: Tart cherry, German chocolate cake.

473ml can | $3.99

30L keg | SOLD OUT!

Infinite Growth | 4.2%

Light Lager dry-hopped with Ontario Centennial.
Profile: clean malt profile, bright lemony & herbal dry-hop, firm bitterness.

473ml can | $3.32

30L keg | $160

Fonso | 5.6%

Mango sour with lactose, cardamom, vanilla & Ceylon cinnamon.
Alfonso mango, cinnamon, lemon.

473ml can | $3.99

30L keg | SOLD OUT!

California King | 7.2%

Classic west coast IPA Dry-hopped with extra nice Cascade & Centennial.
Profile: Orange zest, floral, bread crust.

473ml can | $3.85

30L keg | SOLD OUT!

Silky w/ Coffee | 5.5%

Oat porter conditioned on naturally fermented Ethiopian coffee beans.
Profile: Chocolate, coffee, oatmeal cookie.

473ml can | $3.99

30L keg | SOLD OUT!

Desperate Measures | 6.6%

Dessert beer made with bananas, lactose, vanilla & cinnamon.
Profile: Candied grapefruit, cedar, lime.

473ml can | $3.99

30L keg | $180

Piña Colada Dream Pop | 6.1%

Dry-hopped sour beer with pineapple and coconut.
Profile: Pineapple…coconut… poolside cocktails.

473ml can | $3.99

30L keg | $180

Play Nice | 6.7%

Hazy IPA dry-hopped with plenty of Strata & HBC 586 for everyone.
Profile: Pineapple, strawberry, guava.

473ml can | $3.85

30L keg | $180

But what even is a CHUGGY?

In the simplest terms, Chuggy is a super SUPER small ale. 2% ABV to be exact. The fruity yeast used in combination with natural fruit flavourings makes for the perfect all day any time refresher.

Chuggy is our way of having a beer, without the commitment. We wanted a product that doesn’t sacrifice fun or flavour, just a few ABV’s — allowing you to have a few and think a little less about it.

We’ve way amped up the fruit this time, so it’s probably time to GIVE ’EM A SHOT! 

Current Flavours:
Pink Grapefruit

355ml can | $1.99

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